Licencing and Approvals

Welcome to Access EP, where our dedicated team of experienced environmental compliance consultants assists businesses in navigating the complex landscape of environmental regulations and standards. At Access EP, we understand the critical importance of ensuring your projects meet all requisite environmental approvals and standards. Our Licensing and Approvals department is committed to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring your operations align seamlessly with environmental sustainability and compliance. Our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in environmental approvals, ensuring your projects not only adhere to the highest environmental standards but also contribute positively to our global ecosystem.In this fast-evolving regulatory environment, allow Access EP to be your trusted partner in achieving and maintaining the essential environmental approvals for the sustained success and responsible operation of your business. Your commitment to environmental excellence starts here.

License we deal with

- Quarry Licence
- Water Licence
- Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits (AHIPs)
- Crown Lands/Roads
- Water Management
- Fisheries permits
- Controlled Activity Approvals
- Environmental Protection Licence (EPL)

Our Expertise

In the realm of environmental approvals and compliance, expertise and precision are paramount. At Access EP, our comprehensive understanding of the environmental licensing landscape places us in a prime position to guide your business through the labyrinth of regulations, ensuring all operations are fully compliant and recognised by relevant authorities.

Navigating Complex Regulations
Our team is adept at navigating the complex web of laws and standards that govern environmental compliance. We help interpret and clarify these for our clients, ensuring they understand and are equipped to meet their obligations confidently. Our consultancy prioritises clear, concise communication, providing actionable insights and strategies for obtaining necessary licenses and environmental approvals with efficiency and certainty.

Tailored Strategies for Licensing and Approvals
We understand that each project brings unique challenges and requirements, and deliver personalised strategies for securing all necessary environmental licenses and approvals. Our proven methodologies are designed to streamline the application and review processes, reducing potential delays and ensuring your project timelines are met.

Extensive Industry Network
Our extensive network within the industry allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of regulatory changes, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead in their compliance efforts. We work closely with regulatory bodies, staying ahead of all updates and amendments to legislation and standards regarding environmental compliance.

A Commitment to Sustainable Success
Beyond securing necessary approvals, Access EP is committed to ensuring your projects embody the principles of environmental sustainability. By partnering with us, you align your business operations with conscientious and responsible environmental practices, reinforcing your commitment to our planet's well-being and ensuring your enterprise thrives both now and in the future.

Why Choose Us?

In the crowded space of environmental consulting, Access EP distinguishes itself as a trusted partner committed to your project's sustainable success. Here’s why Access EP should be your first choice for environmental compliance consultants and securing environmental approvals:

Expert Guidance
Our experienced consultants provide insightful and expert guidance, ensuring your projects navigate the mase of environmental regulations with ease. We prioritise your understanding and preparedness, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire licensing and approval process.

Proactive Approach
At Access Ep, we believe in staying one step ahead. Our proactive approach means we are always updated with the latest regulatory changes, ensuring your projects remain compliant and on schedule. We actively anticipate and address potential issues before they become obstacles, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for your business.

Customised Solutions
Understanding that every project is unique, we ofer tailored solutions to meet your specifc needs. Our strategies are not just about securing approvals; they are about integrating sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into your operations, ensuring long-term success and a positive environmental impact.

Comprehensive Services
From the initial stages of project planning to the acquisition of all necessary licenses and approvals, and beyond, Access Ep is with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive services ensure you have all the resources and support needed for successful and compliant project completion.

Network and Relationships
Our strong industry relationships and networks ensure your applications are viewed favorably by regulatory bodies. We facilitate seamless communication and coordination with authorities, ensuring clarity, and a streamlined approval process.

Commitment to Sustainability
Choosing Access Ep means aligning with a partner dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We not only help you secure the necessary approvals but also ensure your projects contribute positively to the environment and community.
By choosing Access Ep, you choose a partner dedicated to the success, sustainability, and environmental compliance of your project.

Process Overview

Navigating the world of licensing and environmental approvals can be intricate and challenging. At Access Ep, we have simplified this process to ensure your projects move forward without delays and unexpected hurdles. Below is a concise overview of our structured approach to obtaining necessary licenses and approvals, ensuring environmental compliance for your projects.


We begin by conducting a thorough initial consultation to understand the specifics of your project and outline the potential licensing and approvals required.


Our team undertakes a comprehensive pre-assessment to identify potential environmental impacts and requirements, ensuring no detail is overlooked.


We meticulously prepare and compile all necessary documentation for the application, ensuring all information is accurate, complete, and presented professionally.


Handles the submission of your application to relevant regulatory bodies, ensuring it is received and processed without delays.


We maintain continuous communication with relevant authorities, keeping you updated on the application status and managing any queries or additional information requests.


Our team works diligently to secure approvals, ensuring all necessary licenses are obtained for your project to proceed.


Post-approval, Access Ep continues to offer support, ensuring your project remains compliant with all environmental regulations and standards.

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